Circuit Court Records

Dane County Circuit Court Records for certain years, an index of the same, are available to the public online at For example, a criminal index is on-line from approximately 1984 and forward. Civil actions vary in years available on-line. To clarify what record indexes are or are not on-line, and for what time periods, please contact the Record Center in a manner as outlined below. Actual records can be viewed at the Record Center located within the Courthouse at the address listed to the left. We typically maintain about five (5) years worth of records on-site, with the exception of simple traffic and non-criminal, ordinance violations which we retain for one year on-site. Other records may require retrieval from remote locations and may take several days to pull. Requests for copies of records and review of files can be made as indicated below.

What are the hours of operation?

7:45 am until 4:30 pm Monday thru Friday, excluding holidays.

How can a request for records be submitted?

Dane County Courthouse
Room 1000
215 S Hamilton St.
Madison, WI 53703

What are the associated costs?

Is prepayment of fees required?

Yes, if the total cost exceeds $5.00, pursuant to WI Statute 19.35(3)(f). Where prepayment is required, an invoice is prepared and sent to the requester together with a "return copy" to accompany your payment. Upon return receipt of the return copy of the invoice with payment, the records are sent out. If cost is equal to or less than $5.00, records are sent together with the invoice, unless outstanding prior balances exist. Payment can also be made on-line or via telephone for an additional small fee using a credit/debit card. The invoice will outline how to proceed with payment through the Government Payment Service if preferred, via credit/debit card, and the associated fee.

Information required when submitting a request?

What are the factors that determine turnaround time for receipt of records?

We typically process requests in 1-10 business days. However, certain factors will affect this turnaround time:

What about RUSH jobs? I absolutely need the documents ASAP!

*Unless sealed by the court or otherwise confidential by law, Circuit Court files and documents are open for public inspection at no cost, unless you are requesting copies in addition to inspection of records. Cases typically available in the Record Center include: civil; criminal; family; paternity; small claims; traffic; forfeiture ordinance; state tax liens; construction liens; hospital liens; condo liens; Probate, etc., for Dane County actions only. We do not maintain records of other Circuit Courts throughout the state or established municipal courts handling their own actions.